Hackney design firm caught out by BSA

A Hackney design firm has become the latest to have fallen foul of the BSA and its ongoing attempts to stamp out the use of unlicensed software

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has made a strike in the ongoing software piracy war against a Hackney design consultancy.

Kyson Design paid out £3,000 in damages for using unlicensed software after it was reported to the BSA by a whistle blower that the led to the firm carrying out a self-audit that highlighted its illegal use of Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft software.

The timing of the settlement, in the first week of the year, will act as a reminder that the BSA intends pursuing those that use unlicensed software in the same way it has done in 2012, which saw it use legal action to pursue those that don't pay their way.

“While many businesses may not mean to infringe copyright law, they do need to take responsibility for any negligence on their part. Rather than cutting corners to save money, now is the time to be even more diligent as every penny counts," said Michala Wardell, chair of the BSA UK Committee.

"Even though £3,000 may not seem like a particularly substantial loss, for smaller companies such as Kyson Design it can be much harder to absorb unforeseen losses in an economic downturn," she added.

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Show me the audit clauses in EULAs and VLAs that permits the BSA/SIIA/FAST to audit your systems.

Its time for change and push back.................. see http://tinyurl.com/24xebty for details on

Strategies for Managing Software Audits & Simplifying Software Licenses
Strategy Step 1 – Brief Senior Management Immediately
Strategy Step 2 – No audit clause in your agreement?
Strategy Step 3 – Engage your legal counsel
Strategy Step 4 – Audit Initiation Meeting Terms of Reference
Strategy Step 5 – Ask your legal counsel to establish more detail
Strategy Step 6 – Establish what tools are acceptable
Strategy Step 7 - Brief Senior Management Immediately
Strategy Step 8 – Renegotiate Your Software Licenses to Protect Against Future Audits
Strategy Step 8A – What to do if you are NOT under threat of an audit demand letter
Strategy Step 8B – Brief Senior Management and set up a SAM program
Strategy Step 8C – What if the software vendor/reseller refuses?
Strategy Step 9 –Insert NEW specific audit clauses
Strategy Step 10 –Where to insert specific audit clauses