Warning sounded over complicated cloud standards

As the European Commission sets out to get cloud standards agreed there are some concerns that rushing into an agreement could cause problems

The cloud industry might have bemoaned the lack of agreed standards in the market but one of those players instrumental in helping define the direction could go in has warned that coming up with the wrong solution could cause more problems than it would solve.

The APM Group, the Cloud Industry Forum's certification partner, has reacted with caution to the start of EU backed moves to introduce standards into a market that has suffered because some customers have avoided getting involved with a technology that lacks standards.

The European Commission revealed its cloud strategy with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute starting to work with other stakeholders to work out standards around interoperability and security.

“There is no denying that the advancement of pan-European cloud standards would be a positive development – not least because our American counterparts have been so adept at regulating their own industry. Standards will be key to arriving at a common framework for cloud services, encouraging end user confidence, removing any uncertainty that surrounds the industry, and building a solid base upon which innovation can thrive. But to achieve this it’s vital that the standards that are eventually arrived at are carefully considered and appropriate," said Richard Pharro, CEO of APM Group.

“The EU will face a number of crossroads as it attempts to trace a standards roadmap for Europe. Success of the European cloud project depends upon the coordination of all 27-member states but given that cloud, by nature, is essentially stateless, this may prove challenging. Ultimately the implementation of any agreed standard would be down to interpretation. Will we have one set of standards, but 27 different interpretations?” he added.  

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