Vendor cloud recommendations not opening SME doors

A good word from a vendor is not going to get small companies rushing into the arms of resellers as MicroScope research reveals that the channel has to develop its own story

A recommendation from a vendor is not going to have much influence opening the door to cloud business in the SME sector as most customers look for more evidence from the reseller of a proven track record in the hosting environment.

Research carried out by MicroScope of the 100 seat SME customer segment on attitudes towards cloud revealed that there were certain elements that could work in a pitch but the least important, resonating with just 3% of those quizzed, was a recommendation of a partner by a vendor.

The most favored element of a pitch was to see case studies of successful implementations from a reseller followed by a confidence inspiring robust SLA.

Other elements of a pitch were to be able to offer information on the best strategies on how to easily move into cloud services and for the reseller to be in a position to outline the current state of the market with the latest statistics.

As well as looking for a decent pitch that inspired confidence customers also appeared to be more willing to make tentative steps into the cloud if they were allowed to try-before-you-buy.

But customers were also looking for simple one-click reporting and easier policy deployment indicating that they want any cloud solution to be simple for them to both deploy and use.

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