Users start reporting Surface cover problems

With the dust hardly settled after the launch of Microsoft's Surface tablet there are already reports from users that the cover with an integrated keyboard is splitting

Just weeks after it entered the hardware market with its Surface tablet Microsoft is getting a lesson in how to deal with customer complaints after many complained its Touch Cover splits at the edges.

The reports of the problems come while the vendor is still running a high profile ad campaign promoting the tablet that it hopes will give the iPad a run for its money and focus on complaints that have started cropping up on forum sites.

The problems being reported by early adopters focus on the cover, which has an integrated keyboard, splitting at the edge, just where it magnetically connects to the tablet.

"Touch cover peeling at seam. Just wondering if anyone else has the same issue. My touch cover, in the middle at the join to the screen is peeling, like the top layer has come loose and is ruffling up," posted one user Br1an_g on the Surface forum.

Some have voiced concerns that the split exposes wires and occurs as a result of bending the cover back. So far the response to some of those dealing with the problems is for the vendor to offer a replacement.

But with the vendor expected to sell millions of Surface tablets the early problems will cause some concerns that its foray into hardware is not going smoothly.

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