Vendors undermining reseller services ambitions

Brocade has found that its partners services ambitions are being undermined by the general failing by most vendors to provide innovative and flexible solutions

Vendors own attempts to try to get to grips with professional services are making it hard for resellers to formulate their own strategies as they struggle to work with mediocre solutions.

The critical view of an inconsistent and inflexible cloud and services market, often lacking innovation, comes from Brocade, which has firmly pointed the finger at vendors that have failed to really deliver value in the hosted space.

Brocade quizzed partners worldwide and although around half expected professional services to become their main revenue provider by 2020 the majority are only gaining a quarter of turnover from that area at the moment.

Vendors will play a key role in helping the channel grow its professional services revenue but so far are letting partners down because they have formulated inflexible solutions, overly complex programmes and their own proprietary technology that doesn't allow resellers to build it into a wider solution.

Regan McGrath, senior vice president worldwide sales at Brocade, used the survey results to promote the vendor's own partner network offering, but also warned that unless the channel had access to innovative and flexible solutions it would undermine their ability to travel in the direction the market was clearly heading.

McGrath said that more had to be done by the vendor community to help the channel develop. "their reputation as consultants, will all become increasingly critical to developing competitive consultancy businesses that drive significant revenue returns".

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