BT highlights cloud momentum

BT and Ovum has revealed that there is a swing in favour of cloud computing thanks to buying patterns changing with networking and IT coming under the same roof

Cloud fatigue might be setting in among some customers that have been through years of the hype cycle but the majority are still viewing the technology as a positive force.

Research carried out by Ovum for BT has revealed that the telcos hold the keys to making sure cloud computing works and the buying process, once split between networking and the rest of the corporate IT estate, has now put them in the driving seat.

"The possibility of simplifying networks and IT in one resource is a key reason why enterprise CIOs are paying strong attention to cloud services now," stated the Ovum report.

The Ovum findings pointed to cloud computing being in a position where it could now help more flexible ICT procurement giving those suppliers with the right mix of products and support a decent chance of appealing to the customer.

Richard Lowe, chief executive at BT Engage IT, said that there were some customers that had tired of the hype but the technology was finally delivering solid solutions that people could touch and use.

"Pragmatic execution is key and you will get the case studies out there," he added that there was already a difference in the approach that the firm took to the market with it having made investments this year to secure a stronger position in the cloud market.

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