Wireless a 'recession proof' channel opportunity

Wireless networks are set to become the primary form of infrastructure and have been described by Cisco as a recession proof market

Wireless networks will become the primary form of web infrastructure in the next couple of years as bandwidth improves and more workplaces react to the demands of staff for more flexibility.

The growth in wireless technology sales has been described as being 'recession proof' by Tom Wilburn, vice president global mobility sales at Cisco and his views on the current explosion in the market were echoed by Canalys president and CEO Steve Brazier.

Brazier said that the move to more wireless adoption had been held back because of quality issues but with the arrival of 802.11ac the bandwidth would be there and more enterprises would make investments in the technology.

"The wireless network will become the primary network. The need to keep it up and keep it secure is a big one," he said adding that there were also on-going maintenance opportunities for resellers.

The move towards wireless was already being seen at Cisco and Wilburn described it as the fastest growing part of the vendor's portfolio and a billion dollar opportunity.

"It is a very fast growing business that to all appearances looks recession proof," he added "wireless is becoming the primary access network."

He said that as well as quality improvements the drive towards wireless was being caused by the BYOD trend and the desire for users to be able to connect anywhere in the workplace.

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