Cloud player UKFast spins off security operation

Cloud specialist UKFast is on the hunt for those with security skills after deciding to set up a seperate operation to help customers overcome cyber threats

Cloud services specialist UKFast has spun off a separate security company to meet demand for solutions on that side of the market.

The Manchester-based firm is setting up Secarma to focus on IT security and disaster recovery and offer a range of consultancy services in that market.

The outfit is searching for staff as it looks to become a more powerful force in the market, with the aim of getting its numbers up before the end of the year.

UKFast and Secarma CEO Lawrence Jones said that it had watched over the last few years as the number of web-based threats grew and the customer demand for assistance also increased.

"We've seen the threats to online businesses change dramatically in recent years and we've worked with clients to protect themselves from ever more sophisticated cyber attacks," he said.

He added that it was looking for talented staff to join Secarma in the next couple of months: "We're looking for the best brains in the industry to join us on a quest to make the Internet a safer place for you, your children and business alike."

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