Hotlamps promotes anti-counterfeit message

Distributor Hotlamps is looking to increase channel awareness about the dangers of selling copied or counterfeit projector lamps to customers

Projector specialist Hotlamps is setting out to increase channel awareness around grey and counterfeit products.

Not only are there dangers for resellers in handling copy replacement products but channel partners could end up unwittingly supplying counterfeit lamps if they don't know what they are looking for.

The distributor is holding a one day event next month with the backing of manufacturers including Philips, Osram and Epson, which will be bringing resellers up to speed on the steps it is taking to protect its rights and prevent copies being supplied.

"Copy lamps have become a strong force in the US and Asian markets with end-users ignoring potential quality and health and safety issues and making purchasing decisions based solely on price," said Simon Kitson, European general manager for Hotlamps.

"Without continued channel education we run the risk of this also happening in the UK and European markets," he added.

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