Cyber-Ark warns against the internal threat

A recent Forrester rerport has indicated that 75% of data attacks come from inside organisations leading Cyber-Ark to call for more focus on access rights

The focus on internal security breaches needs to be kept at the forefront of discussions resellers have with customers with almost three quarters of data breaches coming from staff.

According to the latest estimates from Forrester only around 25% of attacks are caused by an external attacker with the rest coming from inside the organisation with 12% malicious and the remaining 63% a result of mistakes.

The response to the analyst house findings is to renew the call for more focus on access rights, an issue of great topicality given the rise in the BYOD trend, and to tighten procedures and policies to reduce the high volume of errors that are leading to data loss.

“It should come as no surprise to learn that many organisations suffer at the hands of their own employees.  As we’ve seen in so many other incidents the failure to adequately monitor and secure privileged accounts, leaves all too many vulnerable to the abuse – inadvertent or otherwise – of privileged access," said Nick Baglin, vice president of sales EMEA at Cyber-Ark.

“With Forrester identifying that more than 70% of data breaches are the result of such situations, it is quite clear that the power of privilege cannot be underestimated," he added.

Earlier this week research from Equanet revealed that security fears were holding back wider corporate backing for BYOD with the problem of access rights one of the main concerns.

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