Youngjohns steps into Autonomy hotseat

Former Microsoft executive Robert Youngjohns has been appointed by HP to run Autonomy stepping into the shoes of departed boss Mike Lynch

HP can start to put the Mike Lynch era to bed after unveiling a former Microsoft executive Robert Youngjohns as the man to run Autonomy.

Autonomy cost HP a significant £10.2bn back in 2011 but sales didn't meet expectations and the boss of the business Mike Lynch joined thousands of others in leaving the firm as it looked to trim costs across all of its operations.

When Lynch left back in May he followed on the heels of the bulk of Autonomy's pre-acquisition senior management team, including its CFO, Steve Chamberlain, CMO, Nicole Eagan and COO, Andy Kanter who had all left the firm.

Youngjohns, who has been recently filling his days running  the north American region at Microsoft, has a CV including plenty of time in the UK back in the days when he ran IBM's Unix operations.

He will take up the reigns from the 17th reporting into HP software chief George Kadifa, who himself only took up that position in May.

His job will be to try and improve the performance at Autonomy and provide some guidance on the firm's channel strategy.

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