Education bounces back as higher ed starts spending

The education sector could once again be fertile ground for resellers as it produced growth for the first time in a couple of years

The numbers of students applying to university might be dropping but those that do choose to go expect decent IT when they get there.

The demands for a high standard of technology is driving sales in the sector with IT trends monitors Pearlfinders reporting the education sector as one of the most strongly rebounding in the second quarter of this year.

Having declined steadily over the last two years the education market grew by 2.5% in Q2 with higher education being one of the main drivers of that spending.

"A notable increase in students' expectations has been a catalyst for infrastructure investment, particularly at those institutions competing for tuition fee spend on something other than their reputation for academic excellence," stated the latest Pearlfinders IT Index.

In addition to traditional education hardware needs there is also a challenge in education to cope with BYOD that resellers are in a prime position to help solve.

"IT directors within education have some of the most challenging BYOD environments to navigate and suppliers with cloud-based security and/or data encryption solutions should ensure thet're proactively targeting this sector throughout the rest of 2012," the Index stated.

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