Tablet adoption set to soar

Ofcom's insights into the attitudes of the public towards technology have revealed a growing passion for tablets

The technology might not have been around for as long as the desktop or laptop but apparently already people have got to the stage where they can't live without their tablets.

Ofcom’s Communications Market report threw up many highlights but the facts and figures around attitudes towards tablets is one of the notable features of the latest update from the comms body.

In the last year ownership has risen sharply from 2% of households to 11% with another 17% saying they intend to make a purchase in the next 12 months.

A significant 34% of people questioned agreed with the statement  ‘I couldn’t live without my tablet while the same amount agreed that before having a tablet, they couldn’t see the point of it and 45% admitted they didn’t think they really needed it, but bought it as a treat.

Indeed the price of the tablet and the fact it is still seen as a luxury item, more so than the smart phone, which many seem to now view as an essential purchase, is perhaps what drives the higher uptake in the 45-60 age group.

Most other technologies are more popular and faster adopted in the younger age groups. Perhaps the video of the launch with the late Steve Jobs almost giddy with excitement at the new toy at age 56, and the following of ardent and prolific fan Stephen Fry, also in his 50’s encouraged a following in the age group.

The advertising for tablets seems to be aimed slightly older than advertising for MP3 players and smart phones. Showing films, books and newspapers as well as working advantages to the slim portable devices.

In the channel the effect is on the increase too, with many more people wanting to use such gadgets in the work place, there is a demand for securing a ‘bring your own device’ environment, and building infrastructure to continue to grow the already far more mobile workforce.

Recent figures from market analyst Context showed that tablets were selling well across Europe through distribution.

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