European PC shipments beat expectations in Q2

The latest PC tracker figures for EMEA from IDC indicate that the market grew faster than forecasts and tablets continue to be products favoured by users

The PC market in EMEA has performed better than expected in the second quarter with the channel doing its bit to get the stock flowing to customers.

The latest figures from IDC show that shipments grew by 9.1%, better than the 5.6% forecast, compared to Q2 last year and even in Western Europe, where consumer demand remains soft the market was able to improve by 4.1%.

Growth did come from central and eastern Europe with vendors being agressive in that region but the performance in the Middle East and Africa was described a disappointing, matching the growth experienced in Western Europe.

Where the monmey is being spent is on tablets and although ultra-books have hit the market there continues to be a wait and see attitude from customers as they keep an eye on pricing movements.

There are also expectations that the summer could slow up slightly as users start to get in a holding pattern waiting for Windows 8 to arrive on 26 October. 

The launch of the next Windows OS combined with more focus on the ultra-book format is expected to deliver a decent Christmas in the hardware market.

"While demand remained soft during the quarter, the market continued to benefit from a favourable year-on-year comparison versus Q211 last year, when sell-in was affected by the inventory buildup and led to a contraction of 8.4%, but was further boosted by an aggressive push from some vendors in the channel and a significant portion of sea-shipped products in transit for the third quarter," said Karine Paoli, associate vice president, IDC EMEA systems and solutions infrastructrure group.

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