Big Data and environment policies impact Datacentres

Some of the challenges facing those running data centres have been revealed by surveys highlighting the problems posed by high volumes of data and green legislation

The challenges being faced by data centre managers are varied but include struggling with volumes of data and meeting the green credentials being set down by Europe.

LSI today announced the results of a survey assessing the performance challenges faced by datacentre managers in their day to day running, with three quarters of those quizzed not feeling they are achieving required performance levels. 

The survey comes at the same time as a report from the Green Grid showing the impact of environmental policies on the cost and consideration of running datacenters.

“As well as exceptionally challenging economic conditions, data centre operators also have to contend with a uniquely complicated regulatory environment which is constantly evolving,” said Harkeeret Singh, the report’s editor and The Green Grid’s EMEA technical chair.

“Keeping track of all the legislation, regulations, costs and incentives surrounding resource efficiency – and working out how it affects the data centre industry and your business – is a huge and time-consuming job,” said Singh.

The LSI survey highlighted that big data is a big issue too. Key inhibitors to adequate application performance were cited as network and storage access bottlenecks. These are the result of what LSI calls the Data Deluge Gap caused by network traffic and storage capacity needs growing more than 30%  per year while IT budgets and spending are growing at much slower rates of only 5 to 7%.

“The survey reaffirms the need for strong performance improvements in datacentres specifically around system intelligence and application acceleration given the growing challenges of the Data Deluge,” said Tony Afshary, director of marketing, Accelerated Solutions Division, LSI.

The Green Grid report highlighted some of the key UK policies, which also affect those slow growing budgets and technology issues:

  • Regulatory Obligations - UK Building Regulations (Part L), which requires new developers to deliver increasing standards of energy performance
  • Financial Incentives - Feed In Tariffs and Enhanced Capital Allowances are available as incentives to use renewable and energy efficient technologies
  • Financial Costs - Mandatory schemes such as the Climate Change Levy (CCL) and the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), and their implications for data centre operators
  • Voluntary Mechanisms - schemes such as the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) environmental assessment methodology


The LSI survey also found:

  1. 25% of datacentre managers report that sub-optimal application performance leads to lost revenue.
  2. Two in five datacentre managers worry about the impact of application performance on company competitiveness.
  3. Flash-based storage is of strong interest, but budget in this area is still low.
  4. 70% of datacentre managers say network and storage access challenges cause their biggest performance issues, with transaction performance issues leading to lost business.


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