IT jobs rise in data and security aware environment

The demand for staff with security skills has increased driven on by the need for greater protection in a more complex world

IT security jobs advertised show a 50% increase in the past three months in comparison to the same period in 2010, fueled by a need for greater protection in a more complex environment. 

The day-to-day running of a business requires heavy protection of a vast and complex amount of data in a technology dependant world and skilled specialists are in great demand despite in low UK economic growth, according to IT Security the specialist IT jobsite.

The media giving a high profile to cyber-attacks, corporate data losses and identity increases concern driving the increase for support and demand is pushing salaries higher too.

A spokesman for said: “IT security jobs are more important now than ever, and are only set to rise as demand for new technologies increase as well as the methods of protecting it. The numbers of IT security jobs is a great indication of this rising trend and the increased salaries are a great incentive to encourage IT professionals in to this field.”

The latest IT security salary information shows average permanent salaries in the sector rising of 16% per annum. IT security contract jobs have also seen a rise in average daily rates of 6% since last year at £450

The survey also shows 

• the average salary for an IT security or related job is £55,000 p.a.

• London and the South-east has the highest salaries for IT Security jobs

• CISSP is the most wanted skill for IT Security jobs with 32% of job descriptions including this as a required skill

• 1/30 of IT jobs advertised in the last three months were IT Security jobs

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