ElasticHosts offers resellers white label cloud service

ElasticHosts has taken the wraps off a white label cloud service that resellers can brand as their own as they look to keep customers from migrating to alternative providers

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) specialist ElasticHosts has launched a white label reseller programme to hand the channel the chance to compete with the likes of Amazon.

With some customers choosing to use cloud services from Amazon and Rackspace the channel potentially faces being side-stepped unless they can offer an alternative offering.

Richard Davies, CEO of ElasticHosts, said that it had the infrastructure at the backend covered, with two data centres in the UK, and would now be making a white label service available for the channel to brand as their own cloud offering.

He said that resellers would have to start thinking about their own reaction to the cloud soon because the competition was out there and they would prefer to support their own customer base in the transition to a hosted environment.

"This is a trend and it is what is happening. We can very easily get you set up with a white label service and the customer can stay with your reseller branded cloud, rather than migrating to something else," he said.

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