Budget cuts increasing security risks

Budget cuts are starting to have an impact on security spending leaving firms potentially more threats

Firms are making cuts to their budgets risking exposing themselves to more security risks and some of the money that is being spent is potentially being wasted on trying to confirm with unnecessary compliance regulations.

The revelations about the consequences for security from the ongoing atmosphere of austerity have been revealed by Tufin technologies, which found 48% of businesses are focusing efforts on reducing expenditure.

in addition the vendor discovered that 27% of security experts felt that money was being wasted on trying to meet compliance issues that did not actually improve the situation.

Shaul Efraim, Tufin's vice president of marketing and business development, said the findings should be of great concern for security professionals, as they showed that the effects of the current economic environment were starting to reshape the way that security was deployed.

"From an audit and governance perspective, this is potentially bad news, as it means that the normal efficient business and management processes are being subverted by financial cuts. This cannot be good for any organisation over time," he said.

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