The cloud pitch should be slow and steady

Resellers selling cloud services should not rush customers and should consider starting with a service like backup as a springboard to further applications

Resellers starting to sell cloud services are being advised not to rush in offering the customer everything at once and start selling a straightforward solution.

With all of the confusion about the cloud the temptation for a reseller is to pitch the numerous available options and potentially add to the customer's uncertainty but trying to rush the user could be a mistake.

"Rather than going in all guns blazing reseller should concentrate on instilling confidence in their customers and transitioning them to cloud services incrementally," said Pete Hill, channel partner manager at C4L.

"They can begin by offering basic but essential business services like back-up and storage, adding more services and the resultant revenue streams as their customers' needs and confidence in the cloud grow," he added.

Starting with backup was the advice also given by other resellers that had found it was a cloud service that helped build customer confidence in hosted applications.

The start point for entering the cloud market has to be backup - it is probably one of the easiest cloud services to resell. It is one of those cloud services that has been around for a long time, it has a good history with the reseller community. With backup there is a clear benefit to doing it," said Jonatan Bucko, product specialist at Blue Solutions.

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