ComputerLinks adds NextIO to data centre portfolio

ComputerLinks adds to its data centre product portfolio after being signed up by US vendor NextIO.

ComputerLinks has bolstered its virtualisation credentials after becoming the distributor for NextIO as part of its ongoing efforts to develop a next generation data centre channel offering.

The distributor has been busy building up a list of products and services to sell into the data centre space including networked storage, management tools and remote data access products.

NextIO is a US vendor that has built a reputation in the consolidation and virtualisation space and is something that resellers can offer to make I/O infrastructures easier to manage.

"Today's data centres are extremely complex environments to manage," said David Ellis, director of new technology and services at ComputerLinks, "administrators need technologies that can simplify the deployment and management of complex I/O to meet the changing demands of modern organisations."

"This agreement will help our resellers to grow their businesses around the increasingly diverse needs of data centre managers and administrators. The cost savings and ease of management are clearly visible, making this a really disruptive technology and exciting opportunity for the channel," he added.

In response Mike Heumann, senior vice president, global sales and marketing at NextIO, said that the distribution agreement would help it to grow its reseller base.

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