CIOs lack the board room muscle to direct IT strategy

CIOs are failing to have the boardroom impact because IT is still siloed in a business denying them an overall strategic role in the business

Resellers that manage to get a pitch in front of the CIO might find that the door to an order doesn't open quite as easily as they imagined.

Despite getting in front of the person who in theory has the most influence over the IT strategy of a customer the CIO might not have the influence over the rest of the board the reseller is hoping for.

According to research from Bull the position of the CIO in the boardroom is often a lonely one with onl;y 9% having the freedom to set their own agenda and 90% failing to have a high degree of influence over their other executives.

A siloed approach to buying IT was blamed for limiting the influence of the IT director with many purchases still being made by other parts of the business.

"One of the main problems CIOs face is that their job is still defined primarily in IT terms and their areas of responsibility are still predominantly IT-related rather than business-based," says Andrew Carr, sales and marketing director, Bull Information Systems.

Despite the lack of influence over strategy the CIO was still expected to carry the can with 65% pointing out that data security was their most important responsibility.

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