Cloud and consumerisation fuel security software spending

Cloud and consumerisation are driving more spending on security software as customers look to secure more flexible use of data

Cloud and consumerisation will drive the security software market across Europe helping lift flat sales the have dogged the market.

The latest view of the market from IDC indicates that although the market was flat across Europe in 2011 there are reasons why this year will see more growth as customers try to introduce more flexibility into their operations.

Both cloud and consumerisation require greater security as data flows off-site and onto non-corporate issued devices. Growth is now expected to by 5% this year, down from the 8.9% forecasted as a result of the ongoing economic uncertianty across the continent.

The UK, along with Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and France are identified as those countries in the best position to deliver growth in the security software market.

Key products will be identity and access management tools, vulnerability management and content and threat assessment products.

"As budget spend goes under the microscope, due to austerity measures and capital controls, CxOs and their management have appreciated the damage that security breaches can inflict on their organisation, in both financial and reputational terms," said Kevin Bailey, research director, European security software at IDC.

"This has raised the necessity to advance security software as a strategic component of IT infrastructure, creating the need for greater share of budget over the next few years," he added.

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