MicroScope ACEs nominations open

Nominations for the MicroScope Awards for Channel Excellence have opened. The emphasis of the MicroScope channel awards is to recognise those suppliers that have really delivered excellence rather than fall into the trap of giving a pat on the back to the largest spenders in the market.

ACES.jpg.jpgNominations for the MicroScope Awards for Channel Excellence have opened. The emphasis of the MicroScope channel awards is to recognise those suppliers that have really delivered excellence rather than fall into the trap of giving a pat on the back to the largest spenders in the market.

This event will promote and champion those channel players that provide evidence of a job well done.

The main crux of the awards is to make sure that everyone, no matter of size and marketing budget, can have a shot at winning an ACE and getting their hard work recognised by their peers and across the industry.

Enterprise reseller of the year
The top end of the market is a place where big ticket sales come with big pressure, and the winner of this award will not only have a track record selling into large organisations and  the vendor accreditations to back that position up but will have gained a provable reputation of doing so with excellence.

Mid-market reseller of the year
The mid-market has become the sweet-spot as vendors start to recognise the potential for growth, but selling here requires skills and knowledge and the winner will have shown that it understands and caters for mid-sized customers.

SME reseller of the year
Small companies might be some of the most demanding so resellers operating at this end of the spectrum have to be a trusted advisor. The winner will be a company that has proven that it can deliver that type of relationship not just for the customer but back up the channel chain to the vendor.

Managed Service reseller of the year
Managed services were the buzz words of 2010 and plenty of people are talking about it but the winner of this award will be actually doing it and delivering managed services to a range of customers and from a range of vendors.

IP/Cloud reseller of the year
The cloud and the moves on the infrastructure front that have to be made to enable it to work are the hot topics of the moment and although this is an emerging market there are early adopters in the channel who have made the investment to understand the technology and can prove that they are at the vanguard of delivering these types of services.

Mobility Solution reseller of the year
The way people work is changing, a plethora of devices emphasizes mobility and the winner of this award will have focused on ensuring they can provide a complete mobility solution designing, building and implementing a technological solution that can allow customers to work smarter on the move in a secure and compliant way.

Security distributor of the year
Increasingly those at the top of the tree in this market will understand it is not just about products and training but also about adding value to help resellers through the minefield of emerging products and the opportunities thrown up by convergence the winner will have shown that they have adapted to the changing landscape in the market to provide their resellers with even greater opportunities.

Storage distributor of the year
Storage continues to develop, with ever quicker and higher capacity products hitting the market, but those that are valued by resellers and worthy winners of this award will add value and deliver excellent service and support to both vendors and dealers?

Software distributor of the year
The days of shrink-wrapped products are long gone and a distributor in this space now has to help resellers manoeuvre to a world of hosted software and different licensing models. The winner will have shown leadership in that transition as well as excellence in delivery of software service to both vendors and resellers.

Networking distributor of the year
The network has become the crucial component of cloud and mobility demands from customers and the winner of this award will have taken a leading role in convergence as well as understanding and translating for resellers the current infrastructure opportunities provided by the web.

Hardware distributor of the year
Seen by some as the engine room of distribution, the winner of this award will have not only developed an unmatched record on product availability and support, but will be guiding resellers into a world of solutions rather than simply shifting tin?

Distributor marketing team of the year
With most resellers neither having the in-house expertise or the experience required to run marketing campaigns the services offered by distributors are crucial. The winner of this award will be going the extra mile as a point of principle for resellers making their lives easier and helping build business for their channel partners.

IP/Cloud vendor of the year
Most vendors will talk of the ability to access and use their products in the cloud but the winner of this award will have emerged as a company leading the charge to make those latest wave of technology one that can benefit the channel.

Security vendor of the year
What defines the winner of this category is a vendor that not only has produced quality products but also a vendor that supports the channel and has a track record of going the extra mile to help partners succeed.

Hardware vendor of the year
Of all the vendor categories the players in this space know what it feels like to work in a highly competitive market. But the winner will not just have kept an eye on its own balance sheet but will have introduced initiatives and set out a commitment to maximise its relationship with the channel providing a suite of hardware products ranging from desktops to servers and the storage and components required to make a full solution function.

Software vendor of the year
As the software world moves towards improving business efficiency, the winner of this award will have a proven track record in not only delivering what customers demand but doing so through a network of supported channel partners.

Networking vendor of the year
The role of the infrastructure is coming into its own with the rise in web services and the movement beyond the traditional network. The winner of this category will have shown it not only can take a lead in the market but bring its resellers along with it to maximise the benefits.

To nominate a company for an award CLICK HERE

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