Happy Christmas and a Hokey Cokey New Year

We have had a barrage of reports and articles telling us what the various types of Brexit deal really mean,

None of them come remotely close to this for clarity and vision.

That from the British Council is, by comparison nebulous.

Brexit may be an existential threat to the Digital Establishment and its lobbyists but I confidently that is a years time the British (a ragbag mix of immigrants from around the world, Celts, Saxons, Vikings, Huguenots, Arabs, AfroCaribbeans, Indians, Chinese etc.) will still inhabit a foggy, soggy set of islands, a little over 20 miles offshore from a protectionist sub-continent, approximately equidistant from the original home of information technology (paper, printing and gunpowder) and its current home (Silicon valley and Seattle).

More-over they will still be arguing about whether they wish to protect the past or build a better future.

For forms of government let fools contest, whate’er is best administer’d is best

I also suspect the English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish will still be unable to agree which they like least … rule from London or from Brussels.


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