Tibco dials into Apache Pulsar

Software integration and analytics company Tibco has added Apache Pulsar as a fully supported component in its own messaging brand, TIBCO Messaging. 

By way of definition and clarification then…

Apache Pulsar is a distributed ‘pub-sub’ messaging platform with a flexible messaging model and an intuitive client API. 

Pub-sub (publish/subscribe) messaging is a form of asynchronous service-to-service communication used in serverless and microservices environments.

Tibco positions this as a) a commitment to open source technologies, obviously… but also b) a means of making sure that users of (the undeniably quite popular) Apache pub-sub messaging system can now use Tibco Messaging.

The suggestion here is that developers will be able to create a fully integrated application integration infrastructure with the freedom to choose the right messaging tool for the job at hand.

Streaming & Messaging

Here’s the core technology proposition: users can achieve connectivity from a data distribution solution that provides the support of a streaming and messaging infrastructure — and this, therefore, allows the creation of software that spans streaming, event processing, data analytics and AI/ML.

“Our support of Apache Pulsar gives customers the freedom of choice when navigating the need for a solution to assist with the real-time processing of high volumes of data for the most demanding enterprise use cases,” said Denny Page, chief engineer and senior vice president, Tibco.

Apache Pulsar enables lightweight compute logic using APIs, without needing to run a stream processing engine. It offers native support for streaming and event processing in a single package. This ensures horizontal scalability with low latency, allowing for flexible solutions for streaming.

Further, it provides native support for geo-replication and multi-tenancy without requiring add-on components to manage.

Users are free to choose from multiple messaging and streaming options and can work with a single vendor that delivers all their messaging needs, including fully distributed, high-performance, peer-to-peer messaging; certified JMS messaging; and open source, broker-based messaging including Apache Kafka®, Apache Pulsar, and Eclipse Mosquitto.

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