SAP SuccessFactors builds open co-creation community

SAP is bringing a new element of automation to Human Resources (HR) with a new open community designed to create purpose-built and easy-to-consume HR applications.

The hope is that organisations of all sizes from enterprises to startups will come together to co-create applications (and smaller micro-apps) in this space.

“We believe this wave of innovation will result in a ‘human revolution’ that will allow businesses to focus time, talent and energy on the thing that really matters: the people that lead to business outcomes. With this community, we can help assemble a complementary set of solutions for our customers’ diverse needs. And, if they don’t exist yet, we can co-create them together,” said SAP SuccessFactors president Greg Tomb.

This initiative comes on the back of the SAP App Center, a somewhat similar grouping SAP-own-app-store collection of enterprise software applications.

The new community is organised around apps that fall into six initial pillars:

  • well-being
  • pay equity
  • real-time feedback
  • unbiased recruiting
  • predictive performance
  • internal mobility

SAP promises ‘more pillars’ in the coming quarters.

As an example, SAP SuccessFactors is working together with Arianna Huffington’s science-based stress lowering project Thrive Global to attempt to ‘operationalize’ a culture of well-being and improve the employee experience overall.

“Reducing bias in recruiting takes more than the best of intentions,” said Jim McCoy, chief revenue officer and general manager at Scout Exchange, a company known for its data-driven software designed to connect employers and search firms to fill jobs.

“[This action to reduce bias] requires data-backed analysis, process, behavioural changes and comprehensive strategies. As a first step, employers should commit to tracking, reporting and achieving diversity recruiting progress against a set of defined metrics. It’s also important to benchmark performance against industry peers so you’re comparing to more than just your own internal improvements.”

People issues

Additional partners comprising this new community are focused on providing solutions to other core ‘people issues’ including:

  • Helping employees dial down financial stress with Best Money Moves
  • Ensuring employees are paid equitably with PayScale
  • Developing next-generation leaders with AI-powered coaching from Cultivate
  • Providing insightful feedback to enhance employee engagement with Culture Amp
  • Achieving diversity goals with Blendoor
  • Eliminating recruiting bias with Brilliant Hire by SAP employees in the SAP.iO Venture Studio
  • Hiring, growing and retaining top talent using AI to build a deep talent database with Plum
  • Hiring internal, external and contingent talent more effectively with AI from HiredScore
  • Mobilising the workforce to cover understaffing with Andjaro

In October, SAP says it will launch a new SAP.iO Foundry in San Francisco, where SAP SuccessFactors will provide support to select startups with access to curated mentorship, exposure to SAP technology and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and opportunities to collaborate with SAP enterprise customers.

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