No Boo-Boo on API validation with SmartBear

Core level API-centric software quality specialist SmartBear has now come forward with Swagger Inspector, a free cloud-based API testing and documentation tool.

The product is used to validate and test an Application Programming Interfaces (API) and generate its OpenAPI documentation.

As the so-called API economy now comes into being — and exists as a defined elemental ‘thing’ inside the wider software application development universe — there is (very arguably) additional need for tools that can quantify, qualify and indeed validate and test how software developers will integrate with APIs and get them to function as intended.

A key point is enabling programmers with the ability to make sure any given set of APIs is accurately documented without adding unnecessary overhead into their existing workflow.

“As APIs are increasingly playing a pivotal role in digital transformation, it becomes imperative to deliver quality, consumable APIs at a faster pace,” said Christian Wright, EVP and GM, API Business at SmartBear.

Any API U like

Swagger Inspector will work to check any API, be it REST, SOAP, GraphQL or other.

The product can create the OpenAPI documentation for any API and host the documentation on SwaggerHub, the design and documentation platform.

SwaggerHub is (according to SmartBear) used by over 100,000 architects and developers.

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