InfluxData: Fundamentally, all sensor data is time series data

An IoT developer is now ‘a thing’ – well, a person, a defined entity and a software engineering sub-discipline.

In the rush and drive to provide this genre of programmer/developers with tools and mechanics, we find InfluxData.

InfluxData describes itself as an open source firm specifically dedicated to ‘metrics and events’ for developers to build IoT analytics and monitoring applications.

The San Francisco headquartered company has now joined the PTC Partner Network – a firm known for its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) approach.

InfluxData with integrate with PTC’s ThingWorx IoT package.

As part of the PTC Partner Network, InfluxData will be accessible via the ThingWorx Marketplace for developers to use its time series data technology in their IoT applications.

The idea being that developers will be able to  store, analyse and act on IoT data in real-time.

Sensor truth 101

“Fundamentally, all sensor data is time series data,” said Brian Mullen, VP of business development at InfluxData.

“Any meaningful IoT application should be accompanied by a data platform built specifically for that purpose. With this in mind, we are excited to partner with PTC to make InfluxData more compatible with the ThingWorx industrial innovation platform. We are solving the time series data challenge for IoT developers so they can focus on their primary objective of building applications,” said Mullen.

PTC says it has tried to build its partner network up to assemble a lineup of helpful and specialised tools to accelerate the development of IoT applications.

Apps to microservices — systems to sensors

ThingWorx users can now use InfluxData to build monitoring, alerting and notification applications for ThingWorx-connected devices and sensors — and also, IoT applications supporting millions of events per second.

InfluxData has built its developer and customer base across industries including manufacturing, financial services, energy and telecommunications.

The firm claims that its essentially open source platform helps get to data-driven real-time actions and a consolidated single view of their an infrastructure – from applications to microservices and from systems to sensors.


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