Datadog unifies connection to OpenTelemetry collector 

Cloud application monitoring and security platform company Datadog has detailed platform developments which see it produce what it calls a ‘unified experience’ between the Datadog Agent and OpenTelemetry Collector.

OpenTelemetry users can now access Datadog’s observability tools without manual configurations as they look to centralise the management of embedded collectors remotely.

In operational flow, IT teams use the OpenTelemetry Collector to generate, process and route data to one or more observability platforms. But Datadog says this often results in a trade-off between OpenTelemetry-supported capabilities and ones offered by vendors. 

Managing and maintaining large OpenTelemetry Collector fleets without access to dedicated support can lead to operational complexities and unmet security requirements.

“This announcement continues our commitment to the OpenTelemetry community and open standards. Now users can simultaneously use Datadog’s observability products alongside OpenTelemetry Collector capabilities in a unified approach,” said Yrieix Garnier, VP of Product at Datadog. 

Garnier suggests that both Datadog and OpenTelemetry users will benefit from enhanced interoperability between OpenTelemetry and Datadog s they get better control over their OpenTelemetry data and greater flexibility in how they collect telemetry data.

“All while receiving assistance for any technical or security issue,” he notes.

With the unified OpenTelemetry Collector and Datadog Agent experience, users can manage fleets of embedded OpenTelemetry Collectors remotely with Datadog Fleet Automation and onboard faster without manual configurations.

Onboarding & troubleshooting

Users can also receive dedicated assistance for onboarding and troubleshooting from Datadog’s support team when using the Datadog Agent with the OpenTelemetry Collector and Datadog’s SaaS platform.

The unified OpenTelemetry Collector and Datadog Agent experience is now in beta. 

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