Codefresh combats 'stale DevOps' with pipeline-speed optimisations

Code does go ‘stale’, of course.

Software application development code (and many of the data reserves, pools, sets, marts, warehouses and lakes) that programmers engineer into the fabric of modern device ‘apps’ from consumer-level upwards through to the full gamut of enterprise applications eventually becomes variously obsolete, disconnected, erroneously duplicated and just plain old superseded by newer code constructs that come along as the next platform, toolset or language consigns our older code to stale… and therefore not fresh.

Keen to keep on the fresh side of software supermarket at all times is Mountain View headquartered Codefresh.

The organisation has this month unveiled its Codefresh Software Delivery Platform (CSDP), powered by Argo.

Codefresh is built on an enterprise distribution of Argo, the industry’s leading declarative continuous delivery tool.

This DevOps-centred technology is said to provide multi-cluster scalability and enterprise-level reliability.

As a packaged and managed software product, CSDP promises to integrates with ‘all of the tools you [a developer operations DevOps team] are already using – so what that means is everything from a source control manager, testing suite, package manager, secret manager, security scanner, cloud platform, or even custom internal tools.

“Enterprise-class tooling for Argo – built on GitOps best practices – enables faster software delivery and smoother, scalable DevOps automation,” said Raziel Tabib, CEO and co-founder, Codefresh.

Tabib explains that CSDP takes GitOps to what he claims is a ‘higher’ level and provides detailed deployment insights and analytics across environments and deployments – all via a centralised UI.

Pipeline-speed optimisations

“Advanced deployments like canary and blue-green will ensure your software delivery process is not the blocker for innovation. Among many other benefits, pipeline-speed optimisations are built-in for considerably faster Argo workflows, image deployments are fully traceable, steps are executable at the pod-level for flexible resource sharing, and versioning is centrally managed for fast and easy auditing of software delivery processes,” said Tabib and team, in line with the product launch

Stringent security governance is applied throughout CSDP and it is optimised to complement customers’ security and operations (SecOps) protocols.

It directs all communication to/from clusters via protected firewall connections with no need for ad hoc security permissions.

Single sign-on (SSO) is established automatically across provisioning instances, for improved role-based access controls.

A core takeaway here is that Codefresh will enable DevOps teams (both elements dev and ops combined) to replace cumbersome, homegrown container orchestration.

Codefresh Software Delivery Platform is available today at

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