Code-to-cloud: Codefresh democratises GitOps with Argo 

Codefresh is a Continuous Delivery (CD) platform for cloud-native apps.

Built on an enterprise distribution of Argo, a declarative continuous delivery tool, Codefresh is trusted by companies like GoodRx, Skillshare and to name a few.

As of this summer 2022, the company says it is democratising GitOps with Argo for all users – individuals and DevOps teams of all sizes – with the immediate availability of its hosted Continuous Delivery platform providing Argo CD as-a-Service (ACD-aaS).

The Codefresh hosted Argo platform is accessible at no cost for community projects, individuals and small DevOps teams who want access to GitOps best practices for software delivery in the cloud.

Codefresh’s managed Argo CD platform is a feature-complete GitOps software delivery offering.

When Codefresh says ‘complete’ here, it means developers can enjoy eliminating the need for installation, maintenance or home-grown custom integrations to work with popular DevOps tools. 

In addition, the managed instances are ready for deployments in seconds.


Available in hosted, on-premises and hybrid deployment options for enterprise environments, Codefresh uses open source Argo in a code-to-cloud solution enabling visibility into CI/CD deployments. 

It provides an easy-to-use framework for implementing GitOps and a scalable solution for large teams targeting multi-cluster, multi-application deployments.

“Codefresh has demonstrated to enterprises of all sizes the value inherent to Argo CD, and this value is built atop a sustained commitment from Codefresh and the community to cultivate Argo and GitOps for the future,” said Raziel Tabib, co-founder and CEO, Codefresh. “To empower everyone with this capability is the fullest expression of our commitment to open-source innovation.”

The Codefresh platform features dashboards that provide insights spanning DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) metrics, change history and issue tracking across all projects and applications, with deep integrations into Git, CI pipelines, and artifact repositories. 

The platform is fully compatible with continuous integration (CI) offerings like Jenkins and Github Actions, as well as Codefresh CI.

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