Aerospike ‘sharpens cloud’ for disparate real time data

Real-time data company Aerospike Inc. has sharpened its scope this month to now provide two new deployments for the Aerospike Real-time Data Platform.

Why has Aerospike done this?

It’s all about the drive to maxmise workflows where applications and data services are (now quite naturally and commonly) located across disparate cloud resources for reasons that may stem from regulatory compliance to latency to cost/performance and so on.

Effectively then, the company’s news centres on cloud-centric software services that allow data-developer engineers to to manage data in disparate cloud environments with less complexity.

In specific terms then, there is a new certification of Red Hat Open Shift for Aerospike Kubernetes Operator 2.0 so that Open Shift users can deploy Aerospike in the standardised way they are familiar with.

This means that Aerospike has verifiably met Red Hats standards for interoperability, security and lifecycle management. 

As we know, Red Hat Open Shift automates lifecycle management for increased security, tailored operations, managable cluster operations and application portability. The result is the swift delivery of applications and more productivity for Open Shift community users while further reducing infrastructure expenditures and risk. 

Google goodness, golly

Google Cloud Platform customers users now have access to the Aerospike Cloud Managed Service to maximise and maintain their Aerospike Real-time Data Platform. 

CEO Iyer: No, Aerospike-y? No light-y!

The integration aligns with Google’s best practices of architecture security and compliance to allow for reduced risk and improved reliability. Customers and partners are supposed to be able to reduce operational overhead, realise faster deployments and work better in multi-cloud environments.

“Aerospike [is] supporting a broader set of enterprise platforms [that are] being used today,” said Subbu Iyer, CEO, Aerospike. “With our certification of Open Shift and Aerospike Cloud Managed Services on Google Cloud Platform, customers can manage data across multi-cloud deployments in their operations where previously they were hindered by regulations, cost control and talent availability.”

The Aerospike platform is designed to enables firms to act across billions of transactions while reducing server footprint by up to 80 percent. Built to be multi-cloud and real-time from the start, Aerospike powers applications with predictable sub-millisecond performance up to petabyte-scale with five-nines uptime with globally distributed, strongly consistent data.

The company says that applications built on the Aerospike Real-time Data Platform fight fraud, provide recommendations that increase shopping cart size, enable global digital payments and deliver hyper-personalised user experiences.

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