Holidays and Awards – The Perfect Summer Marriage...

Well, it might be 2023, a world of geo-dispersed user bases, flexible working hours and networks that can be accessed and managed from anywhere, anytime but… still half the world of IT disappears on holiday (or vay-cation if you’re on the west side of the pond) in July! In the UK, if you’re having a “staycation”, then the picture doesn’t get any better (literally). I mean, which planners thought it was a great idea to schedule the Open golf and the vital 4th Ashes test match to run concurrently?

At least now, if you are allegedly on holiday and need to be contactable, that smartphone thingy device enables you to take calls while sipping a beer or cocktail by the pool. I remember taking the family on holiday in the 90s – and even early 2000s – and having to disappear off to an Internet café for an hour every day to catch up on emails…

Meantime, summer is also the time of IT awards events springing to life and accepting entries from far flung places in an attempt to get that elusive award in the boardroom. Having been judging these things for far too long, I still find it amazing how powerful they are; vendors love them and potential customers are equally impressed. One that I’ve focused on in recent years, primarily because it is designed for hungry, young, innovative companies – i.e. those with something interesting to offer – is Tech Trailblazers:

There are sevral different product categories, so I’m sure you’ll find one or more that makes a perfect match. A little birdie tells me that its’ “early bird” special discounted prices are available this month, so if you’re the kind of vendor I’ve just profiled (or at least think you are 😊) then click on the link and check it out. Who knows, I might even end up voting for you!

Meantime, if relevant, “bon voyage” or: golf or cricket? Or two screens?

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