Mujjo touchscreen gloves: very handy

It’s winter in Northern Europe, so we’re cold.

But, despite the cold, the Inspect-a-Gadget team still needs to keep connected and stay online on the move.

So then… coats, hats, scarves and gloves are on.

But there’s a problem, as soon as we get our gloves on, we’re unable to use our smartphones or tablets. That’s okay because we’ve got some touchscreen gloves.

But there’s still a problem, touchscreen gloves are generally really thin because they need to have some kind of user flexibility in the fingers, so you get to use your device, but your fingers stay pretty cold.

Because of this reality, we tried out the latest line of touchscreen gloves from Mujjo.

These gloves are different because they are truly touchscreen – all over – just like your fingers (remember them?) as if you had no gloves on at all. But, crucially, they are double insulated with 3M technology.

The company says it has lined the inside of the entire gloves with an extra layer of wind-resistant double-bonded Micro Fleece. The extra layer of insulation greatly improves wind resistance and doubles up as a soft and comfortable lining against the hand.

Insulate with 3M Thinsulate

In between, the lining is entirely laminated with an extra layer of 3M Thinsulate™ creating an enhanced double-insulated triple-layer ‘sandwich’ construction that makes the gloves soft, comfortable to wear and even warmer in cold climates.

The Mujjo size guide is linked here, but a word of caution in terms of how to use it.

When you put your hand up to the screen to size yourself using your fingers, go for a pair one size bigger than the hand that matches your hand. The double insulation inside is thick, so you need to accommodate for that in your hand sizing.

The company did tell us that it takes user feedback really seriously and goes back to the drawing board every year to tweak designs both of its products and of its the way it presents itself on the web.

The gloves themselves are clearly a work of engineering prowess. If there is a criticism to be made, they could be more supple… there is a little stiffness here, but then they are exceptionally warm, so we (for now at least) do perhaps have to shoulder some kind of trade-off.

Also, while the touchscreen technology works really well, the ends of the fingers are a little chunkier than other cheaper versions of this product, so precision touch is rather more of a challenge – but again, that’s because your fingers are warm. Playing games is tough, but answering calls and even using email apps is pretty fluid.

The gloves start at €49,90 for the Improved Insulated Touchscreen Gloves and €59,90 USD for the Double-Insulated Touchscreen Gloves (incl. VAT for European customers) and the company ships worldwide.


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