Sorry Cadwalladr, I misunderstood

Carole Cadwalladr has used her TED talk to highlight Facebook’s obfuscation regarding political adverts on its site, calling for Mark Zuckerberg to hold a TED talk of his own or risk finding himself on the wrong side of history.

If you don’t know who Carole Cadwalladr is, by the way, you’re probably rolling your eyes at this liberal elite Guardian-lite waffle already. Think Greek mythology’s Cassandra reimagined for the digital age. If you don’t know who Greek mythology’s Cassandra is, seriously: what makes you think you even deserve the right to vote?

The question is, why would Zuckerberg, someone who only grants the UK’s scurrying culture secretary half-hour of his time, worry about history not being kind to him?

Cadwalladr pushes against a world of people who history won’t be kind to (see Fat Bastard from Austin Powers), but of all the things that might not be kind to these pantomime villains, a metaphysical concept like history feels quite innocuous. We need people to start being unkind to them now, and that’s why Jeremy Wright failed the nation when he didn’t glue himself to Zuckerberg in that meeting. Thanks for coming to our TED talk.

Oh, and we only know about Cassandra because Margaret compared a candidate to her on The Apprentice once, but that’s just media studies graduates for you.

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