A smartphone for your smartphone?

As if smartphone devices aren’t already taking over our lives enough, a US company has launched a miniature phone to act as a companion to your main device. In a world where smartphones are becoming as big as tablets, this tiny credit-card sized smartphone, called Palm, is meant to save you from having to go through the hassle of looking at your main phone. It doesn’t have as many features as your average smartphone, so no headphone jack, but it does have two cameras so if you see a cute a animal on the tube or want to take a selfie you don’t have to go through the hassle of whipping out your actual phone to take a picture.

It isn’t meant to work as a standalone phone – it is meant to mirror what your real phone is doing without you having to actually look at your real phone – so the under £300 price tag is not as appealing as first thought.

While it may save many from the repetitive strain injury that comes from trying to use one hand to operate a smartphone as big as your face, what it won’t save you from is spending money on a piece of technology that no one asked for.

Personally it seems equal to buying a dog a hamster.

At least these smartphones won’t need to call ahead to cafes to ensure their emotional support devices are allowed on the premises.

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