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  • Cyber Security Mega Trends

    David Lacey 24 Nov 2009
  • Larry Ponemon, founder of the Ponemon Institute, has published a paper on 'Cyber Security Mega Trends', i.e. what senior level IT executives believe to be the biggest cyber security threats to US ...

  • Where to find innovation in security

    David Lacey 22 Nov 2009
  • You can find an interesting posting of mine on innovation in security, inspired by the Global Security Challenge on Infosecurity Adviser, the news site of Infosecurity Europe. My point is that ...

  • Data Integrity - The Final Frontier

    David Lacey 21 Nov 2009
  • Regular readers of this blog will know that I've been forecasting for some time that data integrity will be the next big thing. That's nothing new. But what's really interesting is that many of my ...

  • The new art of war

    David Lacey 19 Nov 2009
  • The National Journal has an interesting article on cyberwar, pointing out some of the opportunities and hazards associated with this new form of conflict. It's very different from anything we've ...

  • Small companies are the key to security innovation

    David Lacey 18 Nov 2009
  • The Global Security Challenge finals which took place at London Business School last week were a revelation to anyone who believes that security innovation is dead. There's certainly little ...

  • Oman sets the bar on security awareness

    David Lacey 17 Nov 2009
  • Last week I was fortunate to have been presenting at a MIS Training CISO Executive Summit in Muscat. The Sultanate of Oman has long been my favourite business and holiday location. It's also a ...

  • Towards the paperless office

    David Lacey 06 Nov 2009
  • A few weeks ago I reported that I could sense a new, much more determined mood across the UK business community to embrace electronic channels to overcome the postal strike. You can really see the ...

  • The limitations of risk assessment

    David Lacey 01 Nov 2009
  • I've just posted a short article on the limitations of risk assessment on my Infosecurity blog. Those of you who've read my book on Managing the Human Factor in Information Security will know I ...

  • Chinese Cyberwarfare Capability

    David Lacey 31 Oct 2009
  • It's hard to ignore the report by Northrop Grumman Corporation on the Capability of the People's Republic of China to Conduct Cyber Warfare and Computer Network Exploitation, if only because of its ...

  • Lessons from the safety field

    David Lacey 28 Oct 2009
  • I've long argued that security should take note of lessons from the safety field, and there are a lot of important learning points set out in the Nimrod review. Many of these repeat the points made ...

  • Opinions on RSA Conference Europe 2009

    David Lacey 27 Oct 2009
  • Big conference web sites seem to be evolving into on-line magazines. RSA Conference and Infosecurity Europe publish news items and blog postings all year round. During last week;s RSA Conference ...

  • Higher standards for identity assurance

    David Lacey 26 Oct 2009
  • Not a week goes by without a news item about yet another breach of personal data. The latest one is a compromise of data on the Guardian newspaper's jobs website. I think we all agree that there's ...

  • Money in the Cloud

    David Lacey 22 Oct 2009
  • I was intrigued to read that the equivalent of $144 million was traded in the second quarter of the year on the LindeX, the official currency exchange of Second Life. This growth reflects the ...

  • RSA Conference reflects trends in security landscape

    David Lacey 21 Oct 2009
  • This year's RSA Conference Europe kicked off yesterday in London. There were the usual keynotes from RSA top management and the usual US style arrangements, including a photo identity check ...

  • The RSA Conference comes to town

    David Lacey 19 Oct 2009
  • Tomorrow sees the start of the year's RSA Conference Europe in London. As usual it's a largely vendor oriented event, with keynotes from sponsors, rather than thought leaders, and with a focus ...