What to expect from OutSystems NextStep 2020

Like so many others, the OutSystems NextStep conference is now a virtual online-only event.

Never knowingly under-conferenced, the Computer Weekly Developer Network lab team were keen not to let Covid-19 (Coronavirus), get in the way of our annual ingestion of keynotes, big-picture statements and developer advocate commentary.

So with live-streaming set to run from September 15-16, what can we expect?

We know OutSystems for its low-code software platform, obviously. The company will use its online conference to stage more than 50 sessions that will include technical how-tos (yay!), thought leadership (yeah, right) and product/industry roadmaps (yay again).

According to OutSystems, the new generation of developers [can] work faster, more efficiently and more imaginatively than ever before. Although virtually delivered, the organisation has promised to make its event a ‘place to meet’ the OutSystems community of customers and partners.

“OutSystems lets developers unleash their inner creativity and deliver modern apps combining the latest in emerging technologies, like AI/ML, IoT, progressive web apps, bots and more,” said the company, in show preview materials.

The firm is targeting developers, fans of low-code and IT architects for attendance.

OutSystems says it will dig into topics like full-stack programming and architecture issues, software integration challenges, working with legacy systems modernisation and the ‘experiences’ of real world post-production systems that have been deployed using low-code technologies such as its own.

Network, collaborate (& listen)

According to OutSystems, being virtual doesn’t mean being alone.

“At NextStep 2020, you can engage directly with OS experts and customer speakers. Join in on live Q&A during sessions and get your most pressing questions answered. Start your own private chats and do a little business on the side, or just catch up with old friends.”

… and, if we’re honest, it’s this (above) interpersonal element that appears to be the make or break element in terms of whether virtual conferences actually pull of anything even remotely resembling the real world events that we all so dearly miss.

The event hashtag is #nxStep

Approved image – source: OutSystems

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