What to expect from Mulesoft Connect 2022

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That’s lucky then.

MuleSoft is staging its In Real Life (IRL) convention for business and IT leaders in New York this summer – known as MuleSoft Connect 2022, the event itself has sister hybrid presence gatherings running concurrently in London, Paris and Sydney.

“Over the past few years, business and IT teams have had to rethink how they work beyond office boundaries, grow the business efficiently, and interact with customers seamlessly,” said Stephen Hsu, Senior Vice President of Product, MuleSoft. “At MuleSoft CONNECT, we’ll hear from business and IT leaders on how they are empowering teams across the organization to do more with less, grow at scale, and create connected experiences using modern automation and integration technology.”

If you need a reminder on MuleSoft, the company is known for its Anypoint Platform, which specialises in integration, API management and automation to address the proliferation of digital touchpoints that exist today.

Seeking to create ‘seamless experiences’ for users connecting to more APIs than ever before, MuleSoft’s own research suggests that the average enterprise organisation over the last year or so uses over 900 applications on average and 96% of them currently use public or private APIs – and, hey, that’s up from 80% last year in 2020.

A multiplicity of APIs

MuleSoft reminds us that companies now have to manage and compose thousands of APIs spanning different teams, environments and technologies – and that’s the kind of challenge MuleSoft’s technology stack addresses.

It’s what MuleSoft calls a universal API management capability … all to achieve the composable business vision, by allowing users to choose and integrate best-of-breed solutions and compose new services using any API.

Into the event proper then, the company’s official statement on the show says MuleSoft CONNECT is an immersive experience showcasing just how customers are driving business outcomes with automation, APIs and integration.

Attendees are promised the chance to hear how organisations are transforming with Salesforce Customer 360 powered by MuleSoft, Tableau and Slack.

Keynote noteworthy

The keynote itself for this event is presented with the usual industry aplomb, i.e. it is titled ‘Unleash Innovation, Together’ – a title that could (arguably) be used at any technology convention.

Aiming to make this quite widely used term their own will be MuleSoft’s own keynote speakers Brent Hayward, CEO & GM, MuleSoft and Bret Taylor, co-CEO, Salesforce plus Stephen Hsu, SVP of product, MuleSoft.

Speakers: healthy weight of diversity

Putting diversity front & centre, other keynote speakers include VP channels & alliances, MuleSoft Patty Cheung – AVP, retail, MuleSoft Anne Dorff – Jing Li, director, product management (she focuses on creating compelling developer experiences in API design and consumption) – Ashley Simons, product management senior manager, MuleSoft (she focuses on working on creative, user-friendly ways to expose complex integration features to ‘citizen integrators’) – Vicky Wells, director of partner programmes & ecosystem equality (she believes in the power of humility as well as leading with empathy and compassion) – and also Jyoti Balaji, director, product management, MuleSoft – and Cindy Chang, senior manager, product marketing, MuleSoft.

The company says the event is pitched as an IT leadership event for ambitious, forward-thinking CIOs, IT Decision Makers (ITDMs), Line of Business (LoB) leaders and software architects looking to accelerate and automate business processes.

The rise of the so-called citizen integrator is here, let’s find out from MuleSoft how that new breed is going to exist inside the modern stack, we’d be a jackass not to. Follow the event #MuleSoftCONNECT.






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