What to expect from Freshworks Refresh 19

The Computer Weekly Developer Network team is a big fan of smoky casinos, 1-cent slot machines, cloud-based CRM software platforms, intelligent workflow automation technology and basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal.

While it’s normally tough to get all five of those things in one sitting, this year we’re in luck.

Customer engagement software company Freshworks Inc. is staging its ‘Refresh 19’ user, customer and developer conference from September 4-5, 2019 at Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas… and Shaquille O’Neal is a featured headline speaker, so what can we expect?

Refresh 19

According to the company itself, “Refresh 19 is a two-day user conference focusing on business innovation that helps companies keep customers for life. The conference offers a rich environment for the 1,000-plus attendees who are joining from around the globe to discuss critical business issues, emerging trends and best practices in customer engagement.”

Featuring 70+ interactive sessions, a partner showcase and roundtables with industry analysts, Refresh 19 will host keynotes and sessions by customer engagement experts from DISH Network, Glint, Shopify, Babylist and others.

Deeper into what kind of content we can expect, this is software that is often known as Sales Force Automation (SFA) technology… but this is a somewhat clinical term and Freshworks prefers to clarify it with some additional texture by calling it “Customer Engagement” technology, which is fair enough because there is more functionality here than ‘just’ plain old sales.

“Freshworks has had a breakout year and Refresh 19 will be the perfect place to update our enthusiastic user base on all of the latest news and developments. The conference will put a spotlight on how businesses can court, close and keep their customers for life — increasing both customer loyalty and share of wallet,” said David Thompson, CMO, Freshworks.

Freshworks itself offers a UI and a feature set including AI-based lead scoring, visual deal pipeline and intelligent workflow automations.

Deeper in the show sessions preview, we can see how focused Freshworks appears to be on ‘design democracy’ when it comes to building this type of software, Indeed, CEO Girish Mathrubootham’ session is entitled ‘Democratic Design for Employee Engagement’.

One other session to note — in a world dominated by chatbots, AI and automation — we can look forward to ‘Self Service Done Right’… and of course there will be keynotes, product roadmap sessions and wrap-ups.

What else can we expect? Some zany job titles that’s for sure… people in this sector like to call themselves things like Service Management Mixologists.


Oh, you wanted to know what to expect from Shaquille O’Neal too?

Okay well, Mr O’Neal (call me Shaq), will talk about some of his learnings picked up in business, life and sports.

Shaq (to his friends) calls them ‘Shaq-isms’… and after becoming a 15-time all-star at the NBA for nearly two decades, he pursued a successful investment career.

His mantra is “own what you love” — and that has to work for investment actions and perhaps software excellence too.

Hashtags for the event include #Refresh19 #ExperienceMatters #Freshworks and #CustomerExperience

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