TIBCO4Good project expansion drives ‘data skills’

Nobody needs to be reminded that 2020 taught us to be kinder, nicer and more caring to people.

Many companies have decided to take the chance this year to explain just what they stand for over and above their core go-to-market customer/technology proposition. 

Existing for a higher purpose (than just profits) is now understood to be more important than ever.

Enterprise data company Tibco is helping to close out the year by making note of its TIBCO4Good initiative, which it hopes will continues to leave a lasting impact through work with key partners and customers. 

Together with Microsoft, Tibco has hosted a Missing Maps event to help map uncharted areas of the world, enabling key humanitarian organisations to reach those in need. 

The company also also began work on a programme called Back on Your Feet with Singapore Management University (SMU) and She Loves Data to educate individuals affected by the global pandemic. 

“This year has been particularly tough as many people found themselves unable to support their families, which in turn impacts our communities,” said Dan Streetman, chief executive officer, Tibco. “These initiatives highlight the importance of using technology for good, and as a tool to empower people to adapt their skill sets for our digital age. With TIBCO4Good, we aim to give back, focusing on sustainable innovations that uplift, inspire and facilitate the positive change we need in the world.”

In the Missing Maps initiative recently, the teams collectively completed over 5,930 map edits of Indonesia with 168 volunteer hours logged. Founded by the Red Cross, Missing Maps is an open collaboration project with a goal of filling in data gaps for places literally missing from the map. 

Data for disaster response

The work completed by Tibco and Microsoft provides humanitarian organisations with the information needed to help facilitate disaster response, medical activities and resource allocation when crises occur.

As noted above ‘Back on Your Feet’ is a global programme run by Tibco, SMU and She Loves Data. As part of its first phase of this project, She Loves Data offers a series of workshops and training modules, with course content developed by SMU’s School of Information Systems, to individuals who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. 

The workshops provide participants with the skills and techniques to design, develop, and deploy analytic dashboards. Working with the university, students and community, individuals who complete the workshops are certified as dashboard and forecasting specialists, they also receive a free Tibco Spotfire data analytics platform license for a year. 

Image credit: Missing Maps


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