Splunk Observability Suite, the log at the end of the tunnel 

Splunk derives its name from the American term for potholing or caving.

Spelunking Spelunkers dive down into the depths of the earth to look for the lower substrate layers that make up our planet.

… stay with us, this is not a joke…

Equally then, Splunking Splunkers dive down into the depths of log file analytics to look for the lower substrate layers that make up our applications and data services.

But what you really need when you’re down in the depths of any cave or log file system is the light at the end of the tunnel i.e. observability.

With the quest for end-zone vision in mind, Splunk used its recent .conf 2020 conference (virtual only, obviously) to announced the Splunk Observability Suite.

This is a set of software for monitoring, investigation and troubleshooting solutions on the journey to cloud-ready cloud-native deployments.

Just plain old basic IT system monitoring then?

No, there’s more in the jar… Splunk has brought together infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, digital experience monitoring alongside log investigation and incident response into a single integrated suite.

Full-fidelity ingestion, baby

We’ve talked about the importance of data ingestion before and here we find full-fidelity ingestion twinned with machine learning capabilities to collect and correlate across all metric, trace and log data in real-time.

Karthik Rau, vice president of observability at Splunk has explained that the company has also announced Splunk Log Observer and Splunk Real User Monitoring. 

“Splunk Log Observer brings the power of Splunk logs to site reliability engineers, DevOps engineers and developers. Entirely cloud-based, it deploys within minutes and offers out-of-the-box integrations with popular cloud and messaging services for fast time-to-value and provides a point-and-click search for rapid log exploration,” notes Rau and team.

Splunk says that the whole observability quest is part of its mission to help organisations understand and optimise the ‘digital experiences and user journeys’ of their end customers. 

Both Splunk Log Observer and Splunk Real User Monitoring are currently available in beta for customers, with general availability coming in the future. TechTarget has more on this story here.

Image source: Splunk

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