Pluralsight on course for more Google Cloud courses, of course

You can love or hate Google Cloud.

Some users have adopted the full suite of online apps, use a gmail address as their mail client of choice and even sign up as regular contributors to Google Maps.

Others find Google’s ‘ownership’ of a user’s estate a little overbearing… and so only use the bare minimum.

But love or hate ‘em, you can’t avoid Google Cloud.

Enterprise technology skills platform company Pluralsight knows which side its bread is buttered and has this month announced a new partnership with Google Cloud to provide companies with an on-demand and role-based approach to skills development on Google Cloud technologies.

Already partnering to reskill developers in India and Africa, the companies are now joining forces to increase Google Cloud expertise worldwide.

“Google Cloud’s suite of products and services are critical to companies across all industries around the world,” said Nate Walkingshaw, chief experience officer at Pluralsight.

Pluralsight will now grow its Google Cloud course collection by adding some 50 or so Google Cloud-authored courses to its education library.

Walkingshaw has explained that Pluralsight and Google Cloud plan to create Google Cloud Role IQs to provide technology pros with a way to measure their expertise level across the skills they need to be successful in their roles.

Through analytics, CIOs and CTOs will then be able to see their teams’ technical abilities on Google Cloud technologies to ensure they have the right people on the right projects.

“Our new partnership with Pluralsight will provide enterprises with a role-based, measurable approach to skill development. This approach goes one step beyond providing training, and delivers insight into individuals’ expertise levels, letting companies know where they are excelling and where more professional development is required,” said Jason Martin, VP, professional services, training and support, Google Cloud.

According to an Indeed survey, Google Cloud is the skill that is seeing the fastest-growing demand in job listings with a 66.74% increase over the past year.



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