Okta offers 'free' Starter Developer Edition, for secure apps, APIs & infrastructure

Identity is in the news, but that’s mainly due to the media discussion surrounding the use of an individual’s identity in a Covid-19 passport… if that eventuality actually comes to pass at a widespread level in Europe and elsewhere.

We know that identity means identity as in people, but it also means identify as in people’s use of devices and of devices themselves, which (in this era of the IoT) all sport their own identify tag, especially as they become increasingly deployed inside large-sclae complex enterprise systems.

A company that knows one form of identity from another is Okta.

Where the Computer Weekly Developer Network team would normally be basking in the warm climes of Las Vegas for Okta’s Oktane (Ed: who are you kidding? We spend 90% of the time at these events in an air-conditioned meeting room and keynote hall!), this year of course the even is virtual.

As part of Oktane21, the firm announced its new Okta Starter Developer Edition to provide developers tools to embed Okta authentication, authorisation and user management into applications at scale. 


The new Okta Starter Developer Edition is available beginning today – at no cost – for up to 15,000 monthly active users. 

Okta’s developer team tell us that this edition delivers coverage for multiple applications and includes access to many of Okta’s Customer Identity products from Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication to API Access Management. 

In addition, developers can access enhanced documentation, sample applications and new integrations spanning continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), microservices and APIs.

The company thinks that modern tools that save time and improve the overall day-to-day for developers with extensibility, documentation and self-service options are a top priority. Beyond speed, developers are increasingly taking on the responsibility of operating with a security mindset. Developers need tools that enable them to build securely from the start and integrate across software supply chains in hybrid, cloud-native, or multi-cloud environments.

“Okta’s vision is to enable everyone to safely use any technology,” said Diya Jolly, chief product officer, Okta. “Developers are foundational to bringing that vision to life, and it’s our goal to make every piece of the development process easier with Okta. Developers can ramp up at no cost with the Starter Developer Edition and our reimagined developer experience delivers tools that seamlessly work with developers’ toolchains across whatever hybrid, cloud, or multi-cloud environment they’re building on. If developers need to do something with identity, they can do it with Okta.”

Auth for all

The new Okta Starter Developer Edition is complemented by what the company is calling a ‘reimagined development experience’ no less. That means various things, with one aspect being a redesigned console with full application development lifecycle support. 

As mentioned, developers can use enhanced documentation, guides and sample applications for the most popular languages and frameworks including Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, VueJS, React Native, and Spring Boot. 

In addition, powerful new integrations with DevOps, SecOps, and API Security tooling means developers can leverage the power of identity across a variety of use cases to secure applications, APIs, and infrastructure. New integrations include Heroku to automate identity across CI/CD pipelines, Kong to protect APIs, and an updated Okta Terraform provider to replicate Okta configuration across environments.

“Kong enables developers, enterprise architects, and infrastructure administrators to address their application connectivity needs in today’s cloud native world,” said Reza Shafii, vice president of products, Kong Inc. “The capabilities provided by our Kong Konnect platform are amplified by deeply integrating with other leading platforms like Okta. With Okta and Kong working together, two critical factors in modern application development become significantly easier to deliver on – connectivity and authorisation – giving application owners back more of their hard-earned time and enabling them to build more reliable digital experiences at a more rapid pace.”

The new Okta Starter Developer Edition along with enhanced documentation, sample applications, and integrations are available today at developer.okta.com.

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