Nutanix smart storage 'scales-out' for data-dependent apps

Storage can often be a question of ‘snorage’ i.e. it’s not the sexiest slice of the technology layer.

Some of the developers inside Nutanix might agree with this twist, but some would probably be fans of all things storage given the company’s latest product news. 

Known for championing the phrase web-scale (i.e. technology that has the potential to be ‘as wide as the web’ and as expansive as needed), Nutanix uses a similar thread to refer to data repository management and calls its storage technology ‘scale-out’ storage.

The product is known as Nutanix Files, a technology for software developers building data storage-centric applications that need a smart info-store repository that can scale and adapt to changing file storage needs across multiple locations.

The product offers a native analytics engine that allows programmers to gain insights into what their data is doing as it scales.

Data-dependent apps

It shows how the data is being used, provides use and access audit over time and allows for anomaly detection to prevent misuse and threats from malicious actors and malware. The company claims that this can eliminate the need to integrate with a third-party solution.

In line with the general Nutanix message (i.e. we’ll handle the cloudy network-heavy software-defined back-end infrastructure and allow you to work with applications and services on top of our end-to-end management layers and that’s how we make our money), Nutanix Files is meant to remove what the company calls the ‘inherent complexity’ of traditional datacentre architectures dependent on legacy storage systems.

“The storage market is very fragmented, requiring customers to manage disparate products and purchase separate licenses to support different storage needs,” said Vishal Sinha, VP engineering at Nutanix. “Our focus at Nutanix is to help our customers simplify their infrastructure software stack. Delivering an easy-to-use, integrated file storage solution, with built-in key features like deep analytics, is an important part of achieving this goal.”

It is part of a suite of Nutanix solutions for structured and unstructured data management, which also includes Nutanix Objects (for S3-compatible object storage) and Nutanix Volumes (for scale-out block storage).

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