MIRIS charges up ecological ethical approach to energy & data

Blockchain is changing everything.

Software application developers are now working to accommodate for streams where Blockchain-based immutable data [flows, stores and more] can be used for greater security and knowledge… and (of course) this is the same technology that underpins so many cryptocurrencies, which is another sensitive touchpoint for programmers.

Now we hear news of an initiative that sees investors in sustainable smart community property developments being given the opportunity to achieve savings and transparency, through Blockchain.

MIRIS is a Norwegian-domiciled sustainable smart community delivery company — and it has now launched its ‘debt sale programme’ aimed at expanding its reach into a global investor base.

The debt sale is supposed to support MIRIS’ evolution into an integrated smart community delivery company that uses technology to ecologically and ethically address the increased demand for energy and data.

This initiative hoped to attract investors and the offering has been divided into three currency tranches to meet the individual needs of investors.

Energy-positive data

Investors will have the opportunity to retain their investment in MIRIS AS, or alternatively swap this investment into a number of innovative projects that are coming online, the first of which is SVART.

SVART will become the world’s first energy-positive hotel. Situated in Norway, north of the Arctic Circle with a 360° view of Svartisen Glacier and arctic nature, it is the first hotel ever designed according to the ambitious Powerhouse standard. The hotel consumes 85% less energy annually compared to other modern hotels and harvests enough solar energy to cover both hotel operations and the energy needed to construct the building.

“This fundraising round will ensure that the industries of real estate and blockchain technology are intertwined in a revolutionary new approach to real estate projects. By utilising Blockchain technology, the investment process is completely transparent,” said Jan Gunnar Mathisen, CEO of MIRIS. “The advancement of the MIRIS vision addition is in the spirit of our complete commitment to cutting-edge technologies to help fulfill our vision of creating sustainable lifestyles in balance and harmony with a sustainable planet.”

Project investment selection will occur via the MIRIS X platform, a Blockchain development by Redsand Labs, a recent MIRIS acquisition, which allows MIRIS to harness supply chain efficiencies with some of the best names in renewable developments, ultimately offering residents and occupants all the benefits of token utility in services — energy, data and home services.

As part of this fundraising round, MIRIS plans to help deliver Smart Communities by building data centers in urban locations in Norway during 2019, followed by a wider roll out across the Nordic region.

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