Kryon RPA targets documentation delays for COVID-19 healthcare testing

Bots are everywhere… and nobody knows when we really first started enthusing about them.

Thinking back, Microsoft spoke of not much else besides bots at its 2015 Build developer conference… so perhaps that was the ‘crossing the chasm’ moment when these packaged up parcels of procedural programming became a ‘thing’ in the wider tech community consciousness.

Despite the (arguably) grating habit of Silicon Valley natives pronouncing bots as ‘baaahts!’ [think: bah + tzzz], the notion of the bot has developed rapidly over the last six or seven years (yes, we know, they’ve been around longer in various different forms) and progression to become the essential ingredient inside so-called Robotic Process Automation… or RPA to its friends.

So in botland, it’s automation everywhere… including the fight against COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Tel Aviv, Israel headquartered Kryon specialises in RPA and has a dedicated (eponynously named) process discovery tool to help customers look for their prime Bot Application Zones (BAZ, not a real acronym, but it should be).

Kryon Process Discovery™ has been used in a ‘large-scale data’ RPA process which integrates Maccabi Healthcare Services’ [one of the four Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) currently active in Israel] testing of COVID-19 with the Israeli Ministry of Health. 

The implementation claims to have helped the automation of a critical process and the accurate, efficient and prompt treatment of hundreds of Coronavirus patients.

A beacon of hope

Twice daily, the Israeli Ministry of Health delivers detailed files with confidential test results of Maccabi patients, but the manual uploading of these documents was creating weeks-long backlogs and a mass of human errors. The process can now be automated to execute within 48 hours.

“Robotic process automation isn’t just about the future of work and creating scalable businesses. It’s a beacon of hope for healthcare organisations around the world as this pandemic strains an already overtaxed system,” said Harel Tayeb, CEO of Kryon. 

Tayeb says that creating processes that ensure every test, chart, and patient status is shared between test centers is an important step in streamlining the healthcare sector’s efforts in his country… and elsewhere around the planet.

Kryon is committed to helping fight the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and will make the process available to any healthcare service or government organisation free of charge.


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