InCountry launches Data Residency-As-A-Service (DRaaS)

InCountry is aiming to position its technology as a benefit for developers dealing with the headache of data compliance.

The InCountry application uses its own API to store and retrieve records in specific countries using their ISO 2-letter country code.

It connects to InCountry using TLS 1.2 and a revocable API key.

The technology uses a database principle called ‘two phase commits’ to ensure that the data is kept in sync across two separate data centers for each country. The SDKs currently available are in Python, PHP, and Java with more to come.

Currently operating in 50 countries, the company says it plans to grow its team, expand product offerings and scale its services to more than 100 countries this year.

Today’s global businesses are facing new and stringent data regulations as governments pass country-specific laws to protect data produced within their borders. These laws can be murky and change at an unpredictable rate, resulting in a large number of businesses who have yet to adapt accordingly.

“I grew up internationally and lived in Europe part-time for the past five years. It’s been alarming to see how consumer-facing Silicon Valley companies treat data and I was able to personally witness reactions to data misuse, breaches and plain ignorance,” said Peter Yared, CEO and founder of InCountry.

InCountry Profile focuses on compliance for user profile and registration. The company plans to introduce new products to handle payment, transaction and health data throughout the year.

This technology aims to help with data-compliance by using a combination of top-tier datacenters and cloud service providers and its SDKs are available in popular programming languages. The firm says that companies can integrate in under ten minutes, adding their respective countries with one click.



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