From Metallica to Malbec to MDM, masterly magnificence matters

Anyone can be a novice, an amateur or a beginner – the clue is pretty much in the name, right?

Then there’s that second tier of accomplishment… let’s call that intermediary, normal (if you’re selecting a video game difficulty setting) and regular (if you’re choosing what size milkshake you’re going to go for at McDonald’s) – other takeaway hamburgers are also available.

Then there’s the upper-tier i.e. that higher echelon when we find professionals, gurus and masters.

Given the predilection that most software application developers and data engineers have for good quality heavy metal, the term master will (likely) most directly link a brain connection to Metallica’s anthemic Master of Puppets, which we have generously linked here for your enjoyment to save you the web-search that we know you were about to make.

For those in CIO, CTO management roles that have graduated out of their cheap beer phase, the term master will probably conjure up ideas surrounding that distant dream they all have of becoming a master of wine – an accreditation usually beyond most average consumer’s reach.

Then we come to data… and master often preludes the practice of MDM, or Master Data Management as it is known in full.

Casting square spells

It is perhaps interesting to see Tibco lauded by the magical soothsayers at analyst house Gartner on its quadrilateral spell chart for MDM excellence. After all, we primarily think of Tibco as being a data integration (and connectivity) company, a data intelligence company and a data platform company at a higher unified level.

But, in fairness, MDM is part of any platform-level approach to data intelligence, augmentation, automation, integration and AI-driven insight-ation (okay, not a real word, but you get the point).

“Our goal is always to support our customers, in this case those looking to strip away the complexity associated with MDM implementations,” said Mark Palmer, senior vice president, engineering, TIBCO. “We are delighted to be placed once again in the Gartner Leader quadrant for MDM, which we believe speaks volumes to our customers’ continued faith in us as their MDM solution of choice. Data is the universal business currency of our time. As such, we will continue to invest in innovation and further support customers to manage, govern, and share all their master data, reference data, and metadata assets.”

By using augmented MDM capabilities, TIBCO EBX is designed to help organisations avoid silos with an all-in-one approach to managing data assets across the enterprise. 

Customisable connection capabilities

The EBX product takes a model-driven approach in a single and dedicated platform, with customisable integration capabilities and external APIs…. which, in effect, is quite masterly.

Tibco says that its focus on customer experience enables it to concentrate on evolving company solutions. It achieves this by providing what it calls ‘real-world solutions’ for clients working in multi-cloud, hybrid deployments and embracing digital transformation to foster sustainable innovation in their businesses.

Do we need to start segmenting technology companies into beginner, intermediate and master status on a wider basis?

It’s Friday (at the time of writing) and we’re in UK Covid-19 lockdown, don’t even go there… it could happen. 

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