Do we need a global IT event calendar?

The question is in the title already: do we need a global IT event calendar?

Why do we ask?

Simply because this short piece could have been called May the 6th be with you (as in May the 4th [force] be with you)… as if we had to point that out.

There will always be extra busy periods in the tech event year mainly clustered around April, May & June… and then again in September, October with a bit of November.

But May the 6th 2019 is special — we can pinpoint an unprecedented 7-event clash.

Scheduled for kick off that day/week are the following conferences:

  • ServiceNow Knowledge 19, Las Vegas
  • Microsoft Build, Seattle
  • AWS Summit, London
  • JDA DevCon, Dallas
  • Progress Next, Boston
  • Red Hat Summit, Boston
  • SAP Sapphire, Orlando

A global calendar?

Do we really need some kind of global IT event calendar then?

The answer is, of course, no.

Most developers (or software engineering professionals of some other discipline) will have specific interests and favourites if they are lucky enough to have access to budgets that would allow them to go to these types of events… and even the media is able to spread itself around enough to also pick and choose.

Regardless of the above then, the fact is… this will be a busy week this year… you have been warned.

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